I am a leadership coach, master facilitator and trainer who helps people find their inner leader so they can have brave honest conversations and find solutions to the challenges they face in their lives, organizations and communities.

what i've done:

  • Check out my bio on Linked In if you want the nitty gritty details of my skills and knowledge.

  • I've spent 25 years working in public engagement, facilitating high emotion conversations.

  • My work is in the space between us: between the public and government; between citizens and their neighbours; between leaders and their teams...usually when there is conflict or high emotion.

  • I've worked on 5 continents, with diverse people and cultures, in conversations on human rights, land use, energy, truth and reconciliation, health care, natural disaster, financial policy...and everything in between.

  • I've got a background in sociology, conflict transformation, authentic leadership, community development, leadership coaching, social impact assessment, outrage management and facilitation.

  • Learn more about me in my big “reveal” interview with The Revelation Project

In the end it's people that matter to me. People, and the shift from conflict to possibility that happens we have Brave, Honest Conversations together. Conversations that change each of us, and the world around us too.

When we have brave, honest conversations we can find solutions to the challenges we face - together. Listen in to some stories, tips and lessons about how to have these important conversations. This is a speech I gave in June 2018 in Minneapolis, MN at Rick Tamlyn's Bigger Game Conference.

"When we show up with courage, compassion and integrity the possibilities are endless. The world needs more leaders willing to be brave, messy and beautiful. Dare to make a lasting difference."

Stephani Roy McCallum, Chief Storm Rider


What I do:

  • I step bravely into conflict and create safe spaces for real, raw conversations. I lead sessions where people feel valued, seen and understood. I help people connect to each other, find solutions to their challenges, and create new possibilities.

  • I work with big groups - thousands of people - and in small, intimate dialogues. I convene elected officials, CEO's, community leaders and that lady down the street. So we can all talk together in brave, productive ways about the stuff that matters most.

  • I'm bold, fierce, brave. Generous and open-hearted. Irreverent and tough. I put it all on the table for discussion in service to creating safe ways to work through the mess and find a way forward that is more possible, more sustainable and more radical than what you imagined.

  • I choose to believe in the possible and in potential. Potential to change, grow and stretch - for all of us.

  • I build better leaders. I solve tough challenges. I help you talk about the stuff you think you can't talk about in your organization and community. I create spaces where we can transform problems to possibilities.

  • I am in service to your growth and I give it my all every time. I've got your back, and I love a good challenge. Having fun along the way helps too!

What I Don't:

  • I don't work with just anyone. I look for partners who really want change, who know there must be a different way to live and act in their communities and organizations.

  • I don't take myself too seriously. Life is short, and getting to do this work is a gift I'm grateful for every day. A little irreverence goes a long way to remembering that the journey is as important as the destination.

  • I don't always get it right. Conflict is messy and imperfect, and so are humans. The more we try and fail, the more we learn. Cultivating an open heart and an open mind will always take you further than being risk averse.