What happens when you act from a place of 100%?

Photo credit: clipartkid.com

Photo credit: clipartkid.com

We live in a world where we value the 50/50 equation as a path to partnership, career, relationship and life. We look at it as a way to equally divide and share the experience, benefits, challenges and investment of an undertaking. When we equally divide, we split the good, the bad, the favourable and unfavourable. We also divide the effort, energy and resources needed by each of us to make something real — we’re each only responsible for half of what gets created, and need only to give half of our effort, creativity and care.

By focusing on 50/50 the result we create is half as powerful, creative and impactful as it could be. If I only bring half of myself and my passion, and you do the same e are divided, two halves of a whole, each of us incomplete in our efforts and commitment.

What if instead we each approached life, partnership, work, relationship with 100% energy, effort and care? What would result? What would it look like for two wholes to come together with energy and effort, committed to an action and impact?

It seems like a simple shift of perspective to move from 50/50 to 100/100 and yet it is profound in its impact and results. When you look at the world from a place of wholeness, and you call forth that wholeness in others, the difference is significant.

I’m in the Coaches Training Institute 10 month Leadership Program, and we’ve been exploring the concepts and ways of being that result in powerful, impactful leadership in the world. One of those concepts is 100/100.

I’ve been experimenting with putting this into action in my life in multiple ways.

In my work: I’ve been practising discipline and focus on what I choose to do, what I say yes to and what I say no to, so that when I’m at “hell, yes” I’m all in. It’s been challenging to be more disciplined instead of chasing after every shiny new idea however I’m starting to see results in terms of productivity and creativity. What I’m creating and designing is more powerful than what I was creating before. I’m not “phoning it in” on anything. I’m showing up in the training and facilitation room as fully present, with 100% passion, energy and my whole, authentic self. Participants and students are responding — more interested, engaged, and invested. As I work in the 100/100 space more and more I’m opening up to more abundance and possibility. It’s like the more I give it my all, the more the universe throws things my way because my energy and effort is already there to catch what comes along.

In my relationships: I’m thinking about each of the important relationships in my life, and leaning in to them more and more by being present, invested, and asking for what I need while generously giving of my whole self. I’m deeply grateful to have strong and supportive life partner, family relationships and friendships and yet I see that when I show up as 100% and ask the same of them there is more passion, energy and sheer joy in the interaction. We aren’t just together because we are in the same space, we’re together because we “see” each other and we value and connect with intimacy.

What I’m learning about 100/100 along the way is still evolving.

  • You can’t do it unless you practice self care, and are able to be grounded and centered yourself. I’m meditating and journalling more, I’m taking time for myself to think, breathe and just be. I’m listening to my body and my mind. When I’m whole for me, I can be whole for others too.
  • When I’m thrown off balance I need to recover so I can be all in. I’m recovering faster than I did before and I’ve got more clarity on what grounds me and holds me in courageous space, so that I can recover. My goal isn’t to be 100/100 all the time, every moment. My goal is to live my life from that place, knowing there will be crappy days where bad things happen AND I can pull back and recover and keep going.
  • I can’t be 100/100 on everything all at once. I need to pick my priorities and focus on those. I’m saying no more often and practising more discipline. I’m going for quality over quantity, richness and depth over shiny and sparkly.
  • I’m asking for support more, and trying harder to articulate what I need from others so they can bring it. Or not. Because its OK if they can’t bring it all the time, and I won’t know if its there for me unless I ask. I’m seeking collaboration more from new and different partners as well as those I’m already connected to. I’m craving the energy of 100/100 that comes when you fully create with others.
  • I’m becoming more self aware, allowing myself to be seen and be fully vulnerable. It’s ironic that the more vulnerable I am, the more courageous I am, and the easier it is to access my capacity to bring 100/100 to my focus.

Try it out yourself and see what emerges for you when you are all in, when you hold yourself as whole and complete and invest in others, ideas and possibilities with 100%.

Try calling forth 100% in your partners and see how they show up, and what they bring to the opportunity.

Photo credit: quotefancy.com

Photo credit: quotefancy.com

Living from a place of 100/100 is powerful, transformative, and impactful personally and on the people around you, and on the community and organizations you interact with. It shifts perspectives, possibilities and the potential impacts.

Imagine if each of us involved in communities and government worked from a place of 100/100 to solve the problems and challenges that are facing us? Climate change, poverty, health care, inequality and more…if we focused 100/100 on the world we live in we’d be far further ahead than what we are presently creating with half the effort, investment and energy.

What kind of life and world do you want to create? It’s there for you, if you come from a place of 100/100.

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