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Brave, Honest Conversations: The Online Course

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We live in challenging times where the space between us is often full of fear, blame, shame and uncertainty. We’ve each got a choice about how we show up in those moments or situations: we can go the route of hiding, freezing and getting stuck, or attacking back.

There is a different way.

You have another choice that calls on brave leadership: to choose courage and compassion and to step into brave, honest conversations so you can solve the challenges in your life, organization and community.

Built on a methodology and foundation of 25 years working in high emotion, high conflict situations I provide practical, tangible ways to change the conversations your organization, clients and community are having so that results improve, outcomes are better and conflict is transformed.

Starting September 14, 2018, through video and audio lecture, assignments and exercises you will work in a self directed online training program at your own pace to apply the learnings. The course includes live webinar sessions, a facebook community and feedback from Stephani on your progress, challenges and successes.

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