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Brave, Honest Conversations: One Day Workshop

A one-day workshop about having the conversations that matter most, so we can find solutions, together.

What is this course?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are your conversations going sideways?

  • Are you constantly running into conflict, opposition or uncomfortable situations?

  • Are the practices that have served you in the past not working?

  • Are you not getting the results or progress you hope for?

  • Are you worried about having the really tough conversations with your team, community or group?

  • Do you wish there was a way to move from stuck to possible when talking about the things people car most about?

There is a different way. Brave, Honest Conversations™ are a way of talking together, working together and living. When we show up with courage, compassion and integrity the possibilities are endless. The world needs more leaders who dare to make a lasting difference.

Its time to build your leadership skills – to practice courage, compassion and responsibility for impact. When you build your capacity to lead others, groups and the world around you, you create the momentum for positive change and the opportunity to move from stuck to possible. Learn new ways of being and showing up in tough conversations, and also find some new tangible, practical tools to improve your work in the world.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to:

  • Courageously show up as a brave, compassionate leader in life, your organization and community;

  • Cultivate and enhance a mindset of service and commitment to brave, honest conversations and integrity of practice;

  • Create a space for brave, honest conversations that encourage positive participation;

  • Enroll others and create opportunities for alignment and common ground;

  • Understand your impact on others, a group and the space, and to take responsibility for that impact;

  • Build comfort, confidence and skill to have the really tough conversations in your team, organization or community;

  • Work tangibly with the chaos and emotions in a room or group; and

  • Recover when you get thrown off course and re-engage effectively.