Join us each day from noon to 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Monday November 4th Brave, Honest Conversations in the PUBLIC ARENA Outrage, opposition, protests, polarization and deep divides….outrage is the new norm in the public arena. How do you work WITH the conflict and outrage that presents itself in the public arena? How do you show up and bravely lead challenging conversations – so you can find solutions together? We will talk about what is happening, what the future might hold and how you can bridge the divide in your work.
Tuesday November 5th Brave, Honest Conversations in your ORGANIZATION Power plays, hierarchies, stated values and the ones people really live, the challenges with giving and receiving feedback, strong – or disconnected – teams….when organizations are strong and talking about real issues to find solutions that work for the people inside the organization they perform better, teams are stronger and the organizational culture thrives. How do you have these conversations in your organization? How do you build a culture of engagement? How do you give and receive feedback in ways that make your team and organization stronger?
Wednesday November 6th Brave, Honest Conversations with YOURSELF Where are you stuck, telling yourself a story that isn’t serving you? Where are you going around in circles? What do you need to live your life in alignment with your values? How do you connect with essence of who you are as a leader so you can bravely lead your life? We will talk about leading from your most authentic self, being willing to fail and get up and try again and getting clarity on what you stand for.
Thursday November 7th Brave, Honest Conversations at HOME Elderly parents, children, partners….conversations about illness, finances, sex, mental health, addiction, disconnection, divorce and more. How do we have brave, honest conversations in our closest relationships so we can make them stronger, more resilient and deeply connected? What are the topics you need to have conversations about – but aren’t talking about? The things we don’t talk about are the things that cause us harm – how do you shine a light on real conversations in your world? Why is it sometimes harder to talk to the people we are closest to than to strangers? We will cover setting boundaries with a generous heart, knowing what you stand for and choosing to lead powerfully from that place.
Friday November 8th Brave, Honest Conversations for really TOUGH, EMOTIONAL TOPICS How do we create the space for compassion and courage on tough conversations when outrage erupts into blame, shame and vitriol? How do we shine the light on hate, intimidation and threats? How do we support people in the grip of fear and anger – or people in the grip of righteous indignation and condemnation – to be in the same conversation in meaningful ways? How do we hold the center ground so that all sides can find the middle together? What happens to you when the emotional temperature skyrockets? We will share lessons, challenges and struggles – and what we are learning together on how to hold this challenging space.


Each day at 12:00pm EST there will be a LIVE webinar focused on the theme of the day where you can ask questions, connect with others and learn more. All live webinars will be recorded so if you can’t attend live, you can watch at another time. After the daily webinar you will get access to video interviews with experts, resources, materials and exercises to continue learning and applying the materials.