Brave conversations create new, more possible futures.

Honest conversations harness conflict for positive change.


Real, raw, vulnerable conversations allow us to solve the problems we face in our communities, organizations and world.

When we talk together in new and different ways, we get better results, and everything moves forward.

I just wanted to get in contact to let you know that you were one of the people who was instrumental in helping me figure out what my true purpose in life is. I was in such awe of the way you worked with groups and your ability to hold a space so beautifully and respectfully. Your work really inspired me! You also had a faith in me that really meant a lot to me and helped me to see my own potential. Thank you for shining your light. It helped me to see the light that I carry within.
— Participant, community recovery to natural disaster dialogue sessions, Australia

Online Training

Build your skills & knowledge for Brave, Honest Conversations™ in your life, organization and community.

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Face to Face Training & Workshops

Work together with others to lead Brave, Honest Conversations™ about the issues that matter most, get better results and create lasting change.

One-on-one work

Want to take your work and life to a new level and lead more powerfully and bravely? We will identify your challenges, figure out solutions and create an action plan for you or your team – fast. We call them intensives for a reason – we dive deep, and when you come back up for air you are full of forward momentum.

  • Coaching intensives and strategy clinics

Tools, Kits, Resources & More

Need some more tools in your toolbox so your conversations go better? Looking for some inspiration when you bring a group together on how to talk or work together?

Brave, Honest Conversations™ are about issues that really matter connect us, allow us to explore tough challenges, and help us find ways to move forward together.

Brave Honest Conversations Cards for the Dinner Table

Having these conversations around your dinner table, with family and friends, provide opportunities to share, connect, laugh and explore.

These kinds of conversations become a way of living and talking together, so when the next tough issue shows up for you, your children or your family, you can dive in with courage and thoughtfulness.

Brave Honest Conversations Cards for the Boardroom Table

Having these conversations around the boardroom table resolves challenges, bridges divides, addresses gaps and creates stronger and more connected teams. You will learn about each other, and have some fun at the same time.



Brave Honest Conversations Cards with Yourself

Brave, Honest Conversations™ with yourself will help you be a better leader, create from your life, and build your capacity to come from a place of courage and compassion. Brave, Honest Conversations™ are a way of living. If you want a great life, ask great questions of yourself. Questions serve as inspiration, a call to action and hint at new beginnings. They will allow you to a lead a life of courage and thoughtfulness.