CONVENE: Holding Space for Brave, Honest Conversations


CONVENE: Holding Space for Brave, Honest Conversations



A three-day experience about how to design and hold space for brave, honest conversations about challenging issues.

What is this course?

This course is for seasoned leaders, facilitators, coaches and public engagement practitioners who are looking for new ways to design and host constructive, meaningful conversations about tough issues.

We live in times of polarization where the space between people is getting further and further apart, and conversations often end up in an “us versus them” arena. It’s time we brought people together in new and different ways.

If you are ready to embrace emotion, transform conflict and build momentum for common ground this course is for you. Part leadership training, part facilitation skills, part conflict transformation approaches this course will give you the skills, knowledge, strategies and mindset to create a different space for important conversations.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the triggers and sources of intense emotion, opposition and resistance and how to work with those factors

  • A methodology for designing and holding space for brave, honest conversations including tools and techniques to bring people together – including specialized trade-marked approaches like the Socratic CircleÔ

  • How to embrace emotion, work with power dynamics, and build trust and relationships to move discussion forward

  • How to plan and design constructive conversations

  • Build comfort and confidence for your authentic way of leading brave, honest conversations

  • Plenty of time to practice in a safe, supported environment

This course is available on request internal to your organization, tailored to your context and needs. Contact us for more information!

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