The world needs a new kind of leader who shows up, takes a stand and changes their world for the better.

When we have Brave, Honest conversations, show up with fierce courage, open hearts and a deep commitment to integrity, we solve tough problems and create a world of possibility.


GATHER with us online for 5 days of interviews, lectures, exercises, resources and conversations. Explore our different themes of learning around brave, honest conversations and bravely lead challenging conversations in your world.

Hi! I'm Stephani Roy McCallum. I am a leadership coach, master facilitator and trainer who helps people find their inner leader so they can have Brave,  Honest Conversations and find solutions to the challenges they face in their lives, organizations and communities.

Build your skills & knowledge for brave, honest conversations in your life, organization and community.

Want to take your work and life to a new level and lead more powerfully and bravely?

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Work together with others to lead brave, honest conversations about the issues that matter most, get better results and create lasting change.

Tools, Kits, Resources & More

Need some more tools in your toolbox so your conversations go better? Looking for some inspiration when you bring a group together on how to talk or work together?


"Conflict is a signal that something needs to change. Learn to lead powerfully from the conflict and harness that energy for positive change."

Stephani Roy McCallum, Chief Storm Rider