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My work is in the space between us: between the public and government; between citizens and their neighbours; between leaders and their teams...usually when there is conflict or high emotion. In this space, we can solve our problems and find a way forward - together.

"In the end it's people that matter to me. People, and the shift from conflict to possibility that happens when we have Brave, Honest Conversations together. Conversations that change each of us, and the world around us too."


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I've worked on 5 continents, with diverse people and cultures, in conversations on human rights, land use, energy, truth and reconciliation, health care, natural disaster, financial policy...and everything in between.


I've got a background in sociology, conflict transformation, authentic leadership, community development, leadership coaching, social impact assessment, outrage management and facilitation.

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I've spent more than 25+ years leading high stakes, high emotion conversations about the issues that matter most. I believe when we grow our capacity to talk together better, we can do anything.

I bravely lead hard conversations.

I step in with courage, compassion and integrity.

I embrace emotion and shift the conversation.

I help you to grow your leadership and build your skills and knowledge to bravely lead.

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"Congratulations on all the work you are doing... stepping out so powerfully about the need for "brave, honest conversations". So much depends on the context, of course - yet when we are able to listen beyond the initial provocation, even to what is usually considered "hateful stuff", so much unexpected transformation can happen... "


"You are a gift to society. We need more leaders like you – willing to show up with courage and vulnerability so we can really deal with the problems in our communities. Working with you has inspired to me step forward more often with courage."