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Grounded in the belief that brave, honest conversations are how we solve the challenges in our lives, organizations and the public arena, Steph's new book dives into stories of heartache, humour, connection and polarization.

With her heart on her sleeve and a deep breath for courage, Steph wades into the messy, important, beautiful conversations that can bring us together - or tear us apart.


Stephani Roy McCallum, a celebrated facilitator, coach, trainer and leader of the most difficult conversations of our lives, is the author of the upcoming book:

Leading Together: How Brave, Honest Conversations Can Transform Our Lives, Organizations and Communities

Her work in conflict transformation has taken her to 5 continents, leading brave, honest conversations to solve the challenges in our lives, organizations and communities – together.

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Download the Leading Together one page digital sheet to get to know Steph and how Brave, Honest Conversations can transform our lives, organizations, and communities.


Praise for Leading Together

"A MUST READ especially NOW!

Delivering her messages in the accessible form of personal stories, she presents her coaching in four parts - Leadership begins with you, Leadership in the messy middle with others, Leadership in the space between us, and Leadership in the systems and structures around us - and by book’s end a sense of purpose and strength results. ‘’In the end, what kept us together was love and a shared commitment to relationship, to disagree well with kindness and courage.’ This is a book very much needed right now, a refreshing new avenue of thought. Very highly recommended!"

"A plethora of wisdom for professionals working in this space as well as many takeaways for those who are not. 

Engaging and interesting stories! Conflict resolutionary!"

"Stephani, it's a beautiful book.

So vulnerable and the wisdom flows so richly."

"I have just started reading your book (sorry it has taken so long!). And all I can say is WOW.

It instantly turned my heart on and powered me into some pretty amazing ideas about what I could do this year.. to stand for something. Every word is delicious so far and music to my soul. Thank you for writing it, so that I can be blessed with its gifts."

"I was personally inspired by McCallum’s book and found myself wanting to put her advice into action.

Her practical and matter-of-fact approach is refreshing and her writing is encouraging and up lifting.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to make meaningful connections, whether it be in their personal, professional, or social life."


"Stephani bares all to model the vulnerability that's required to create real change.

This book challenges the conventional methods of dealing with conflict and shares a model for a much brighter future."

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Leading Together: How Brave, Honest Conversations Can Transform Our Lives, Organizations and Communities 

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