The slap heard around the world: Will Smith and the Academy Awards - a blog that is NOT about my opinion on the issue

Photo source: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

The media has been inundated this week with EVERYONE’s opinion about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

Everyone seems to have a perspective on the issue they feel we are entitled to hear:

  • There is no excuse for what Will did and he shouldn’t have done that;
  • Violence is never OK;
  • What he did was understandable and justified because of what Chris Rock said;
  • What Chris Rock said was offensive and insensitive to Jada Pinkett-Smith’s...
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Inviting light in challenging times

“What is your relationship to joy?” That question was voiced a few years ago by a colleague as we were talking about work with high emotion. In my work, I’ve got a friendly relationship with some of those intense and difficult emotions; fear, anger grief and anxiety. It’s not often that joy, happiness or excitement is present in my work so the question made me pause and reflect.

I’ve always just assumed that I’ve got a positive relationship with joy and...

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