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"Congratulations on all the work you are doing... stepping out so powerfully about the need for "brave, honest conversations...

So much depends on the context, of course - yet when we are able to listen beyond the initial provocation, even to what is usually considered 'hateful stuff', so much unexpected transformation can happen."

Build your skills & knowledge for Brave, Honest Conversations™ in your life, organization and community - ONLINE.


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IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation: Planning for Effective Public Participation

This course will let you hit the ground running armed with the knowledge and confidence you need to plan and implement effective engagement processes. This hands-on online course gives you the opportunity to delve into your own challenges using the essential elements of effective public participation planning. The course is delivered in eight two-hour sessions over two weeks.
Participants will attend live webinars, work in small groups and be required to complete assignments on their own between sessions.

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IAP2 Strategies for Dealing with Opposition & Outrage in Public Participation

This training course combines the work of risk communication expert Dr. Peter Sandman with the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) core concepts for meaningful and effective public engagement. In these challenging times of polarization and divide, this course will give you strategies and behaviours to enhance quality outcomes, so you can work together with communities and stakeholders. 

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Gather Together: Building Skill for Brave, Honest Conversations

Gather Together is an online program, a training, and a leadership growth opportunity to build your skills, knowledge and capacity for brave, honest conversations in your life and work.

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Brave, Honest Conversations: Leadership for the Public Arena

This introduction to bravely leading challenging conversations will dive into the leadership competencies needed now in the public arena, how to lead with courage and compassion and how to have the hardest conversations in your life, work, and community.
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"You create a safe experience for participants to explore what brave means to them and articulate their strengths."

"You inspire me to try new ways of working and showing up. Thanks!"